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The Glynn Amateur Radio Association (GARA) is a group of FCC licensed amateur radio operators located in the Brunswick, Georgia area.  GARA is a 501(c)3 Georgia Domestic Non-Profit Corporation.

Like Ham radio in this area, the history of GARA stretches back many years. The Club was started by local Hams in 1986 and was initially known as Glynn Amateur Radio Group (GARG). Also, the Club had a call sign of KI4SYH which later became WX4BWK. Subsequently, the Club changed its name to Glynn Amateur Radio Association (GARA) and was active for many years.  But after a while, Club activities had decreased (around 2011) and the Club was dormant and inactive.  There were still some dinner get-togethers of a few local Hams, however, the Spring of 2017 brought changes.  Area Hams were energized and wanted an active group again so the GARA Club was reconstituted!  The Club has been busy in 2017 and even purchased the former N4XGI repeater.

The GARA Club owns and operates a Hamtronics 2 meter FM repeater licensed as WX4BWK which is located on the Sidney Lanier Bridge. The repeater antenna is mounted on a bridge support tower and is 500 feet height above terrain.   GARA conducts a weekly net each Thursday evening at 7pm eastern time.  Repeater frequency is 145.330 MHz with a tone of 131.8 Hz.  Duplex offset is negative 600 KHz. The repeater can also be accessed on Echolink node 245576 (WX4BWK-R).  The repeater and Net are open to all licensed Hams.

The GARA Club has strong participation in the annual ARRL Field Day event.

GARA Club business meetings are held on the second Monday of each month at the New China restaurant in Brunswick at 6pm (Hwy 17). 


Our Ham "Social" occurs on the last Friday of each month at 6pm eastern time at the SUNRISE Diner, 5031New Jesup Hwy, Brunswick, GA.  All Hams and those interested in the hobby are invited to attend.

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