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The GARA Club participated in the 3rd Annual Golden Isles Prep Rally (GIPR) in May of this year. 


The Rally was held at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in Brunswick to increase public awareness for preparation of the upcoming Hurricane Storm season.  GIPR is sponsored by Glynn County Search and Recovery (SAR), and Glynn County Emergency Management Agency (EMA) and Homeland Security Agency.

For the four hour event period, GARA members operated a 20 meter SSB station and an FT8 digital mode station that moved among different bands.  Our special event callsign was K4J.  We logged 64 contacts covering 23 states and two DX countries (Canada and Mexico)!  Very awesome!


I have provided a link here that shows a video of the GIPR event.  It's nice video produced by Golden Isles TV.  The video lasts about 19 minutes, but at the 16 minute mark, it highlights the GARA Club (Tim, AK4YW is speaking).  Great work GARA Club members!  To view, click on the link:

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