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The Glynn County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is located in the public safety building in Brunswick.  The EOC is a function of the Glynn County Emergency Management Agency (EMA). GARA Club is providing planning and operational support for Auxillary Communications (AUXCOMM).

The Ham radio communications center in the EOC is currently up and running!




Glynn County Georgia is in process of building and equipping an Emergency Operations Center (EOC).  Our GARA Club has been providing input for EOC development and planning.  Additionally, county officials have requested GARA Club provide licensed and trained amateur radio operators to provide Auxiliary Communications (AUXCOMM) in the event of a declared emergency.

To effectively perform our emergency radio AUXCOMM service, Glynn County requires any operator to complete the Georgia Amateur Radio Emergency Service (GA ARES) training as well as any courses specifically requested by the County.  Glynn County requires the online FEMA courses ICS-100 and ICS-700 to be completed for all Support Personnel including GARA club volunteer radio operators.  These two courses focus on understanding the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS.)   In an actual emergency all persons involved must understand proper procedures and terminology to “speak the same language,” especially those in emergency communications.  Lives could depend on it!  

According to GA ARES requirements, Level 1 members who have completed these two courses must be initially trained and supervised by a Level 2 ARES member operating county radio equipment in an emergency.  Currently, Wayne G (KB8DSF) and Angie (W8ANG) have attained ARES Level 2 online training.  These specific course requirements can be found on the GA ARES website at and are available to take online at the FEMA and ARRL websites.  Club members should print out the Task Book at which outlines the information and courses required for each level.  

If you would like to be an AUXCOMM volunteer radio operator for Glynn County, please let us know.  Here are the two FEMA on-line course links needed to operate Glynn County radios in an emergency:


ICS-100.C --  Introduction to Incident Command System

ICS-700.B --  National Incident Management System (NIMS)

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